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  • RHC Flint Branch

    Some of the officers stationed at Flint's RHC branch: [[File:460323 | class=media-item-align-center | 92441-thumb140.jpg]] Carlao - A human veteran of the Fourth Yerasol War who proudly wears his plate armor even in the city. He is something of a …

  • Assistant Chief Inspector Stover Delft

    A local Flinter in his early 40s, Delft is the direct superior of the player characters. Generally good-natured to his subordinates, he has a penchant for grousing about people behind their backs. A much better manager than investigator, Delft has …

  • Flint City Governor Roland Stanfield

    Stanfield witnessed the fall of the eladrin goddess Srasama five hundred years ago and died soon thereafter in the chaos of Elfaivar’'s fall. But he reincarnated, and has for centuries served as Flint'’s governor.

  • Lady Inspectress Margaret Saxby

    The Flint branch is run by Lady Inspectress Margaret Saxby, a former superstar investigator who cracked many famous cases, became the darling of the public, and earned herself a knighthood. During the Fourth Yerasol War she married a …

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